taipei at night from taipei 101 building. copyright 2007 heidy yang

Who is d.w.moody?

He is a Southern California poet, artist and Librarian based in Orange County. His poetry is heavily influenced by the work of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Bob Kaufman, Amiri Baraka, the comic book writer Grant Morrison, surrealism and elements of psycholinguistics. Yet his work is grounded in the world around him and often deals with painful moments in his life or becomes a vehicle of social commentary for things that have struck a chord within his mind and heart.

He grew up between California and the Midwest. His childhood was spent in homes occupied by one of his parents, but never at the same time or in one of several foster families that he barely got to know. After high school he spent a short month in basic training, time on the streets, hitchhiking across the country, living and working various jobs in the Midwest, several years in retail, then settled down, got married, began life in libraries, took several trips to Taiwan, Japan, and the Pacific Northwest, survived graduate school, remarried and along the way rediscovered his artistic bent.

He is currently hard at work on a third book of poetry that focuses on events in the media within the last year.